• Discover the new HPC project
    A set of tools that can exploit the full power of the emerging hardware by turning them into manageable platforms for domain application developers Watch the video
  • New minicluster will allow the EPEEC project to test emerging technologies
    The EPEEC project recently purchased four Gigabyte R281-3C2 servers that now form the new EPEEC minicluster. More information

European HPC resilience initiative

The main objective of the European HPC resilience initiative is to spearhead a Europe-wide discussion on HPC system resilience. We bring together experts and practitioners from the broad spectrum of computing systems technologies, to further research and development in HPC resilience, and to foster exchanges and collaboration across the diverse communities affected by resilience concerns. Also, the European HPC resilience initiative helps the European HPC community define best practices for resilience and recommend the most effective approaches to employ in large-scale HPC systems. Finally, we provide guidelines in the allocation of available resources, as well as guiding researchers and research funding towards the enhancement of resilience approaches with the highest priority and utility.